Terri O'ConnellTerri O’Connell started her professional organizing business, LifeSweep, in 2006. She uses her organizing skills to declutter and simplify living space and to develop workable systems that suit the client’s individual needs and lifestyle, making for a more relaxed, productive and enjoyable environment.

Terri holds a B.A. degree from George Washington University with her primary focus on psychology and political science.

With 12 years of paralegal, human resources and law firm management experience, Terri is highly skilled at managing projects in an organized and results-driven manner. She also draws on 13 years of healthcare experience (including medical records management, billing and patient care) to approach special projects involving paper management, bills, medical forms, records of all types and daily life issues impacting today’s seniors, executives, homeowners, students and children.

Terri is skilled to assist clients with special needs including ADD, ADHD, chronic disorganization, OCD, anxiety and hoarding. She can work closely with a client helping them understand root behaviors that lead to disorganization and uses a compassionate and non-judgmental approach to effect change in behavior.