LifeSweep specializes in residential and small business organizing including:

  • closets
  • garages
  • attics
  • basements
  • kitchens
  • bedrooms
  • home offices.

We can also help you set up a file system to eliminate the piles!

LifeSweep can assist with organizing medical claims, filing systems, space planning, home or office moves, estate disposition, downsizing homes, divorce transition, interior design, and paper, time and productivity management.

Solutions That Last

At LifeSweep we know that there is no single cure-all solution to organizing a space or project. Each task is custom-tailored to the way the user thinks and functions. A well-designed system will only work if the client can maintain the space after the organizer leaves! As we organize, we ask the necessary questions so your project can be set up consistent with the way you think. First we declutter, then we set up workable systems and solutions.